Change is here. To thrive, we need to guide it. 


Cornwall, New York is like many small towns in the Hudson Valley. We face undeniable challenges: population loss, development pressures, aging infrastructure, opioids, high property taxes, and sub-optimal employment opportunities. 

But we're also unique.

Even before 1609, when Henry Hudson's first mate noted that the future site of Cornwall was "a very pleasant place to build a Towne on," people have sought Cornwall for its natural beauty, proximity to the Hudson, and bounty of resources. Through careful preservation those assets have been complemented by staunch environmental advocacy, by artistic and literary achievement, and by military and historical pride. We're a place like no other—and with the right stewardship (active, engaged, future-facing), we can continue to grow and preserve what makes us special. 

We can only do it together. I ask for your vote, to help do my part.


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I offer a balance of experience and interest in business, arts, and government.

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We'll be seeking volunteers and modest donations. I have pledged to disclose all donations and expenditures. 

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