Bringing Vision, Energy and Focus to Cornwall's Future


Growing, and Preserving what matters

Cornwall is at a moment of great opportunity. Our Comprehensive Plan, its embedded Main Street/Downtown Revitalization Plan, and the earlier Glynwood study offer tremendous tools for enhancing Cornwall's commercial tax base, retail commerce, property values, wealth, and natural beauty. Recent summers have seen record weekend crowds in town, due in part to greater marketing integration between Storm King Art Center and local businesses. Technological, energy, and commuting trends are also changing in Cornwall’s favor. I’d like to contribute to extending such synergy, by helping foster a sustainable business environment, increased and managed destination traffic, predictable institutional presences, and intelligent conservation of large parcels, among other measures.

Most important, I would like to hear from Cornwall's residents about the issues that matter to you. In collecting ballot signatures, people have talked about recreation, development, taxes, conservation and Main Street, and I learn something from every discussion. I'll be updating this page throughout the summer and fall.  

My skills are strategic and executional; I get things done, and I’m good at collaboration or independent work. Although there are two Town Board seats open this election, I am not running against anyone. I am running for Cornwall. If you elect me, I’ll come to the task with energy, focus, and skill.

Get involved


Cornwall Rising

As chair of the town's Economic Development Advisory Committee, I lead the Cornwall Rising project--a proposed set of placemaking and promotional initiatives. It's designed to build on Cornwall's status as the region's best place to live, shop, work, invest, and play.